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How Erie Became to Be!

4/1/2019 (Permalink)

The Erie Stone on Parade St.

In 1795, Andrew Ellicott and General William Irvine were commissioned by the State of Pennsylvania to layout the town of Erie. PA.  At the foot of Parade St. is a stone known as the “Erie Stone”, which is the starting point to laying out the town. This information can be read on the “Erie Stone”; it is inscribed there. The town was laid out in three sections, each one mile square extending from the bay south to Twelfth Street. Each section of land had a center which was to be reserved for public use, such as a park. Central Park and Perry Square were the first public areas.

There are at least 8 other markers within walking distance of the “Erie Stone” marker. American Fort, Erie Heritage, Erie Area Native Americans, Fort Presque Isle, Fort de la Presqu’ile, French Fort de la Presqu’ile – 1753, Russian Town, and Hero of Gettysburg. Go to the Historical Marker Database link below for more information.

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Presque Isle : Bucket List

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

presque isle beaches

As the weather in Erie County is starting warm up, Presque Isle is definitely an attraction that everyone should get to. It is very large and has many things to do there, visitors will have a great time and certainly not be bored.

Things To Do

Spend time on the beaches- The 11 miles of beaches is what makes Presque Isle the magnet for locals and tourists from all over the region.

Eat a hot dog at Sara’s

Check out the kites-On the western end of the park you will find Sunset Point situated between Beaches 9 and 10.

Take a loop on the Multi-purpose Trail-The paved trail starts right when you enter the park and continues around the entire perimeter of the park, ending just about where you started, 13.5 miles later.

Listen to the music-For six weeks in June and July, Beach 1 is transformed every Wednesday night into a free, open-air concert venue.

Check out the North Pier

Hunt for beach glass- If you enjoy looking for the needle in a haystack, you will likely enjoy the hunt for beach glass.

Explore the lagoons-Bring your canoe, kayak or other boat down and explore the many lagoons of Presque Isle.

Tour the Presque Isle Lighthouse-Located near Beach 8, the Presque Isle Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse on Lake Erie’s shore.

Enjoy a sunrise or sunset- We would put a Lake Erie sunrise or sunset up against any in the tropics and feel like we had a good chance of winning.